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Dr. Maribel Lopez

Dr. Maribel López, is an Inspirational Speaker, Author, Professor, and an Ordained Minister, born in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. She is a wife, mother, and proud grandmother, daughter of the almighty King, and loves her life! Her purpose is to empower and help individuals heal from the lies plagued and imprinted by childhood sexual abuse and rape. She desires for people to be free of shame, guilt, condemnation and self-destruction as these were some of the challenges she had to overcome. Dr. López teaches, preaches, and ministers locally and internationally.

Your past does not define you!

Take the necessary steps to bring healing to your life!

2024 Escogida /Chosen

¡VEN a RECUPERAR lo que el enemigo te robo!

Join us to learn how to TAKE BACK what the enemy stole!

Retiro de Mujeres/Women’s Retreat

Dios no está enojado Contigo


Dr. Lopez’s new book “Dios no está enojado Contigo: En realidad, Él te ama” is for anyone who ever felt like giving up. Dr. Lopez’s life story will inspire you to live, love God, and press forward in spite of obstacles faced, to fulfill your God given purpose. Join me in reading, My plan on…


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BOOK: God's not mad at you

God's Not Mad at You

In fact He loves you

Eternally Grateful

Eternamente Agradecida (Journal)

Dr. Lopez Scholarship Foundation


Dr. Maribel Lopez Scholarship Fund


A place where students find a support system to solidify and fund their dreams.

Latina Child Care Providers in Action

Empowering Latina women.

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